Never Put Your Car in Storage After a Car Accident

Author: Hanson & Hanson/Wednesday, May 7, 2014/Categories: Auto Accidents

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If your vehicle is not in storage, then skip the rest of this instruction (because it does not apply to you). But, if your vehicle is in storage, then get it out of storage immediately no matter what, (even if you have to spend your own money to do it, and even though the accident was not your fault).

The insurance company will only agree to pay for the first few days of storage, charges (so, you might have to pay for the rest of the storage charges, lose ownership of your vehicle, lose your driver's license and you might not be able to get a tag (plate) for your next vehicle until the storage bill is paid according to law, even though the accident was not your fault).

If you have "collision" or "towing" insurance coverage on your own auto insurance policy, then have your own insurance company move your vehicle out of storage to a place where the vehicle can be stored for free so that storage costs do not continue to needlessly mount up (even though the accident was not your fault).

Your insurance rates will not increase if you use your own auto insurance to pay for moving your vehicle out of storage (unless the accident was your fault). Florida Law ' 626.9541(0)(3)(4)(5).

Remember, if you take action quickly, you or your insurance company will get all of this money back from the insurance company on the other side later anyway (unless the accident was your fault).

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