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$600,000.00 (.60 million) Diving accident. The victim dove from an artificial bank into an artificial lake at a recreational “lakefront” apartment complex.

Under Florida law, a property owner is generally not responsible for driving accidents involving “natural conditions” on their land or water. Further, the 23 year old victim admitted to drinking alcohol before the drive. As a result, the apartment complex blamed the victim and denied responsibility for the accident.

Hanson & Hanson performed legal research and determined that a landowner, however, may be liable for diving accidents involving “unnatural conditions” on his property. Hanson & Hanson then obtained 35 year old photos from the County Building Permit Office depicting a dredge actually digging a deep trench in the bottom of the lake around its perimeter and using the mud removed from the bottom of the shallow lake to build a steep artificial “bank” along the shoreline upon which future, luxury “lakefront” apartments would be built. The end result of the dredging in the lake was a tall, steep bank, with very deep water just off shore, and a shallow lake center. Thus, Hanson & Hanson proved that neither the “bank” from which the victim dove, nor the “lake” into which the victim dove was a “natural condition.”

Hanson & Hanson further proved that the steep angle of the “bank” and the deep trench in the bottom of the “lake” ran along the shoreline (created by the dredge) created the false appearance that the lake was deep enough to safely dive into. But, in fact just beyond the deep trench in the bottom of the “lake” that ran along the shoreline was the original shallow lake bed which was located in the center of the lake as it existed before being altered. It was that original shallow lake bed that the victim struck when he dove from the artificial “bank” into the center of the lake just beyond the deep trench in the bottom of the “lake” that ran along the shoreline (created by the dredge).


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